Reflux and the Phrenic Nerve

“document! since you commenced adjusting me i have never had any acid reflux disease!” I listen this nearly each day. it is either heartburn, acid reflux disease, tightness in the chest or whatever. This even occurs in cases which have persisted for years.lately,

one patient luckily knowledgeable their medical health practitioner about the abrupt prevent to 15 years of heartburn issues after starting chiropractic care, to which the circle of relatives health practitioner responded that there may be no connection between the backbone and acid reflux disease, so it is not possible. i was amazed with that response. perhaps the affected person misunderstood the health practitioner, or honestly the health practitioner wasn’t sharp on their anatomy.

the rationale is absolutely quite simple, and is the cause that so many humans over the last century have seen this equal result after chiropractic care.As a be counted of truth, here is a quote from a paper written over 50 years ago on the subject:”Many a affected person has supplied to the health practitioner of chiropractic in a kingdom of desperation, having already spent thousands of