Acid Reflux and the Phrenic Nerve


bucks on cardiac and gastrointestinal trying out that proved terrible. Their elusive signs and symptoms included tightness within the chest, restricted respiratory, heartburn, acid reflux disease and a bounding pulse within the stomach. no longer simplest have been they depressing, however apprehensive at the dearth of a analysis. The chiropractor’s unique and arms- on

examination observed pressure, inflammation and tenderness alongside the affected person’s neck at the level of cervical vertebrae 3, 4 or 5. Following the chiropractic analysis and adjustment of the misaligned spine, the symptoms subsided, regularly easily.”So what is the connection between the neck and acid reflux disease disorder? The phrenic nerve.

The phrenic nerve passes from the cervical spine, levels C3, C4 and C5, down through the lungs to the diaphragm. In faculty, the pronouncing “C3, 4 and 5 preserve the diaphragm alive!” was used to assist bear in mind the details about the phrenic nerve.This nerve controls the diaphragm, a thick sheet of muscle that paperwork a ground below the lungs and heart. in order for food to get on your belly, it has to skip through the diaphragm to get there.